In Colombian culture, motherhood and childbearing are often seen as the premiere events of a young woman’s life. However the ways in which children impact a woman’s economic and educational limits, overall health and role in the broader society can be significant.
  Alice smokes a cigarette while talking about SanDral, her now husband, and his upcoming jail time for a DUI. Since SanDral received his third DUI, it has put significant strain on Alice and SanDral's relationship. "It's been so stressful," Alice explains, "You don't know what's going to happen, you don't know anything."    Alice says that SanDral was the first man she completely opened up to. Her bad experience with men started at a young age. Since then, she hasn't been in a healthy relationship. "They hurt me, I was hurt many times," she says, "But SanDral's a very lovable man, he's got a good heart, he means well."
  More than 200,000 Irish people have emigrated from the country since the recession hit in 2008. The majority of those leaving are in their twenties. Although mass emigration is nothing new to the country, small and rural Irish parishes like Glencolumbkille disproportionately feel the effects.